Pick an Image from Android device and upload it to server using PHP

To upload an image from Android device to online server using PHP, first we need to create a PHP script to handle “post” request and store the image to a folder. So write this simple script on your server:

Make sure you have created a folder called “images” beside this script.

Then here is Java codes for Android:

To pick an image, call this function: “pickAnImage()” and to upload it call this one: “uploadToServer()”.

This source code is modified and simplified from original source in this link.

What about taking photo?

To take a photo, it’s just like picking an image. You just need to replace ACTION_GET_CONTENT with ACTION_IMAGE_CAPTURE and modify the request code. For more information, check out the codes related to this topic in this link: http://zofiakreasi.com/picking-an-image-and-taking-photo-in-android-java-source-code/

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